Community campaign against Nevitt Super Dump continues

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Lusk Residents from the Tooman/Nevitt area have pledged their ongoing commitment to carry on the battle against the imposition of a major super-dump for the Greater Dublin Area on their doorstep. This follows the announcement of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to grant the Council a licence to run the operation, with over 250 conditions attached.

Each new condition brings new issues and costs to the project. Having already spent over €30 million of taxpayers’ money on it, the viability must seriously be questioned before this goes any further-not only financially, but environmentally. Much of the taxpayers’ money expended went on land purchase costs to facilitate the super-dump.

It is truly scandalous that a significant portion of this money went on land which was the location of two illegal landfill sites. Not only has the owner been rewarded with top dollar for the land, but the massive costs which he would have borne for the clean-up, will now be paid by the Council. With many community projects and necessary work not being undertaken because of lack of funds, this is an absolute disgrace.
Not only that, but you will read in the Council’s summer publication, about the need to conserve water. Yet this dump-site is located near one of the most important aquifers and potential groundwater supplies! Already the EU is investigating why Fingal has failed to document a whole number of private wells operating in the area.

It is sadly ironic that until recently, we had a Green Party Minister representing this constituency, who couldn’t even deliver on this crucial environmental issue on his doorstep. If the Greens had a fraction of the resolve and commitment of the residents, then this issue super-dump would have been dumped years ago.