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Justice Watch Ireland   Press Release

The decision by Mr Justice Gillen to refuse a ban on the Sunday World reporting unsubstantiated allegations of the most serious nature against Colin Fulton is, we believe, a serious breach of Mr Fulton’s rights under the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Dublin and Belfast based Sunday tabloid has in the past featured articles which claimed that Mr Fulton was involved in thefts from occupied houses, punishment attacks on teenagers, attacks on females, participation in illegal drinking clubs, the sale of drugs and prominent involvement in the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF).

Mr Fulton is a member of the Progressive Unionist Party, a legally recognised, registered political party and as such deserve the right to, express and support the views of those communities in which they represent without demonisation.

Despite the serious criminal allegations made by the Sunday World he has never been convicted in relation to any of the publications articles. On the single charge and forced prosecution ever to go to court, Mr Fulton was indeed proved beyond doubt, entirely innocent.

Colin Fulton has had six warnings from the PSNI stating his life is under threat – five of them since Sunday World publications.

JWI believe that the unsubstantiated claims made in the Sunday World publications have breached Mr Fulton’s article 2 right to life, his article 8 right to privacy and his article 10 rights to expression.

Unsubstantiated claims of this nature distributed on a national scale through a media outlet are highly prejudicial. It is our belief that it would be hard to find a jury or a non-jury court within this jurisdiction, which has has not been influenced by these publications.

We are most concerned that Article 9; the freedom of the press, has in this case taken president over Article 2; the right to life.

Justice Watch Ireland supports the freedom of the press but investigative journalism must have hard facts to substantiate its claims especially when naming an individual as being involved in serious crime.

JWI calls on any individuals and/or groupings who may have made threats to Mr Fulton’s life, to have these rescinded with the utmost urgency.

Justice Watch Ireland shall continue its support of Mr Colin Fulton in this case as we believe his human rights have been violated and are in danger of further violation.

A full analysis of the case and verdict shall follow in due course.

Justice Watch Ireland