Clonshaugh new location for Monster Sewage Plant

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Local activist from Lusk Waste Watchers

Fingal County Council’s plan to develop a monster sewage plant in North County Dublin was met with fierce resistance right across North Country Dublin over the last few years.  Yesterday’s decision to locate the plant at Clonshaugh north of Coolock will be welcomed by communities of Lusk where the plant was originally to be located.  However the new location will prove just as problematic.

The objections from the 10,000 signatories who signed a petition against the monster plant are still relevant.  The communities were concerned with the massive disruption it would have caused to the villages in the north county as well as the environmental and health consequences of having waste from seven counties dumped on their doorstep.  This will still be the case for the residents of Clonshaugh where over 2,500 family homes are located.

The proposed €1 billion plant is far too excessive, a series of smaller plants would be far less damaging to the environment and would be more economically viable and is considered best practice internationally.

No doubt the residents at Clonshaugh will be outraged and worried about this decision given the experiences of the community of Ringsend where a monster plant is located.  Despite assurances given by the government and developers, the Ringsend plant was forced to operate above its design capacity and caused pollution problems for the local environment and Dublin Bay.

Better planning to ensure that adequate treatment plants are in place before the building of large housing estates takes place must be insisted upon in any future housing developments.  Poor planning and regulation during the building boom, in a rush by developers to profiteer from poorly constructed housing ultimately created multiple problems for our communities.  A series of smaller plants must be considered before spending of €1b on something that its far too big and could prove devastating to the entire east coast.