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The decision by the Greek Government to close down the national broadcaster is an outrageous attack on democracy, on journalism and on the jobs of 2,700 workers employed by ERT in Greece and has been met with widespread condemnation and serious resistance from Greek workers.
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Today protesters gathered outside the Shelbourne hotel to voice their opposition against a

Protesters outside allsops auction

property auction organised by auctioneers Allsop. Protesters from both Anti-Eviction Ireland and the Ant-Eviction Task-force allege that many of the properties listed for auction are a result of illegal repossessions.

One of the protesters, Donal, said that the groups had come together against what they see as the immoral “repossession of houses” and “families, husbands, wives and children being evicted onto the street while bondholders were still being paid billions”. He also said that they had hoped hotels would become aware of the issue and not facilitate such auctions.
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The decision taken by management at Fingal Count Council to cut local library hours has caused justifiable outrage from community groups and residents in Rush and Balbriggan. The libraries which these communities fought so hard for will now be forced to close at 5 pm four days a week!  This is a cut of 33% in opening hours is an absolute disgrace and must not be allowed to happen.
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Anti Austerity Song



hats off to local anti home tax campaign activist Emer Fox who put this great Anti Austerity song & video together