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Right2Water campaigners announce over 80 local protests for Nov 1

Right2Water campaigners announce over 80 protests for Nov 1st

The Right2Water website currently lists over 87 locations nationally, where water protests are to be held this Saturday and the numbers are growing fast with well over 100,000 expected to take part.

Irish Water symbolises excess, incompetence and overcharging.  The Government will have to back down on the introduction of water charges.  The sooner the penny drops with them, the better; the reality is that people are not handing back these forms. Many of the forms that have been sent back were sent back by people early on who have no intention of paying and who were themselves not aware of the scale of opposition and anger about the imposition of this unfair double tax.
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Below is a photo of three warplanes at Shannon on the 2nd of October as a reminder that next weekend there will be a demonstration at Shannon against this abuse of Irish neutrality, and against the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people as a result of US led wars and mayhem in the Middle East.

The main demonstration is a 2 PM on Sunday 12 Oct , if there is enough interest there will be 24 hour peace camp from 2pm Saturday 11 Oct to 2pm Sun 12 Oct.

Please contact Shannon Watch at 085-8519623 if you intend to attend the 24 hour peace camp.

Reminder 2Oct14 three US Hercules C130 warplanes at Shannon

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water picAs Irish Water begin their campaign of intimidation and the ‘packs’ arrive on people’s doorsteps it might be worth taking note of some of the struggles around the world that have successfully campaigned to keep domestic water under public control.
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