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By Jacob Richards

Given the recent history of our current government in relation to imposing draconian measures on its ordinary citizens, nothing should really take us by surprise anymore. It is quite clear that this government is intent on taxing its struggling citizens beyond breaking point. Exemptions to this crippling austerity will be kept to the bare minimum. That is certainly the impression we are left with after today’s announcement that only 5,100 houses will be exempt from the Local Property Tax (LPT).

Perhaps more startling is the fact that this figure is down from 43,000 exemptions under the Household Charge last year. Such exemptions clearly enticed many struggling homeowners to register their details with the revenue commissioners. In doing so, many of these homeowners will now face crippling property taxes this year. It seems this government is determined to resist reprieve for homeowners affected by the issue of pyrite or unfinished estates
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Children and Youth Affairs, National

By Jacob Richards

United Left Alliance TDs Clare Daly and Joan Collins are calling on the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald to bring forth robust legislation to provide for adoption information and tracing as quickly as possible. A bill was originally envisaged by Minister Fitzgerald to come before the Dáil by the end of 2012.
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Economy, National, Protests

Last night a mockery was made of our parliamentary democracy. Under the guise of “parliamentary democracy”, legislation of monumental importance was rammed through the Dáil

March Against Austerity

in a timeframe inadequate for most government T.D’s let alone the opposition to come to terms with. Thus T.D’s effectively voted on a bill they had little or no time to grasp the implications of. What sort of a parliamentary democracy is that?

If this serves to highlight one thing, it is the need for Irish citizens now more than ever to make their voices heard. Protests and demonstrations must begin in huge numbers, starting this weekend if the Irish people are to find a voice. The government must realise that Irish people will no longer passively accept decisions of such monumental implications being rammed through the Dáil. The Irish people must have their say on the future of this country and the imposition of banker’s debts on generations more to come. Let their voices be heard.

Join the protests on Saturday February 9th taking place throughout the country. Take to the streets in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford and Sligo. Make the government feel the pressure of its citizens. The time is here to unite and oppose.

Health, National

This weekend saw massive outpouring of anger at successive Irish Government’s refusal to deal with abortion legislation.  Thousands of people of all age groups marched through the streets on Saturday to demand that this Government face up to their responsibility to legislate for the X case.
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