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The latest statistics on Irish emigration, published by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), show an increase in emigration with over 243 people leaving the country every day.  No matter how much spin the right wing media attempt to put on these figures they cannot be explained away as a shift in the lifestyle decisions of young Irish people, they represent an economic and social crisis.
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Over 1,000 Ryanair pilots completed the Ryanair Pilot Group survey in early June, to determine pilot attitudes to safety reporting, following a memo issued by the Chief Pilot in mid-April.  The RPG represents over 50% of Ryanair pilots.
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Press Release from Ryanair Pilot Group

Facebook and Twitter Accounts shut down without explanation.

On the 2nd of August Facebook shut down the Ryanair Pilot Group (RPG) Facebook page.  No warning was provided.  No justification was put forward.  No specific reasons were given.  RPG contacted Facebook requesting details of why the page was removed.

To date, no reasons have been forthcoming. The attached email is the only communication received concerning this extraordinary development. In a further twist yesterday (07th August), the RPG Twitter account has also been taken down unilaterally. Again, no specific reasons have been provided.
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Newbridge CU Rally Central Bank

Bus Loads of concerned members of Newbridge Credit Union and their families attended a public rally today outside the Central Bank to protest against the forced merger of their Credit Union with the Naas Credit Union.  The Newbridge Credit Union Action Group and Task Force called today’s protest to highlight the nature of secrecy and behind the scenes manoeuvring to arrange a merger without the consent or consultation with the members of Newbridge Credit Union.
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