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Water Charges


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Clare speaking on the  imposition of water charges by the government on already hard pressed families and highlights the Labour Party’s disconnect with ordinary people.  Click below to watch:


Housing Crisis


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The crisis in housing is reaching tragic proportions; speaking on a recent motion brought forward by the Technical Group Clare highlights how lives are being ruined while the government in denial are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.  Only a state led programme to build and regulate housing can deal sufficiently with the growing crisis.  Click on the link below to watch her speech:


Broadcasting Bill


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Click on the link below to hear Clare speaking on the Amendment to the Broadcasting Bill 2014, which intends to remove the term offence from the original Bill.  This Bill comes about in the aftermath of the Pantigate controversy which saw RTE payout a substantial sum to parties who were offended at being labelled homophobic, regardless of the fact that the word was an accurate description of their attitudes towards members of the LGBT community.


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By Jacob Richards

imagesWhen it comes to recessionary times we are often subjected to a great deal of spin about funding cuts.  Whether it is cuts to the health service or the closure of Garda stations we are told that we must ‘tighten our belts’, ‘waste little’ and ‘do more with less resources.’ This rhetoric is dressed up with talk of increased productivity and efficiency which will, in the long run, benefit us all.  Such talk defies common sense and the ordinary Joe soap on the street knows very well that a Health Service that was crying out for investment was always going to deteriorate in the face of huge slashes to funding. Unfortunately the knock on effect for our front line services has been devastating.
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