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Dáil Debates, National, Social Welfare

Discussing the Social Welfare Bill Clare points out the inadequacy of this bill in providing protection for a wide range of welfare recipient including care workers and pensioners.  Click on the link below to watch her contribution to this debate:


Dáil Debates, National

Clare Daly discussing the TTIP, Click on the link below:


Human Rights, Justice, National, Prisoners

Statement from Justice Watch Ireland

Today the court of appeal in Belfast granted leave for the Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton to challenge the dismissal of their appeals in the UK supreme court.
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Dáil Debates, Economy, National

Clare Speaking on the reality of the Budget for most families and the current governments inability to recognise the damage that austerity has caused and unwillingness to shift the burden on to the shoulders of those who caused economic chaos.  Click on the link below to watch Clare’s Budget statement: