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The recent wavering on the issue of water charges by Fianna Fáil and the speculation on the future of Irish Water must be welcomed as the inevitable outcome of the unpopularity of Irish Water and the enormous popular movement, which has grown around the Right2Water campaign. But the campaign must continue until our key goals are reached, that is the abolition of water charges and a referendum to enshrine public ownership in our constitution to ensure water services can never be privatised.  If refunds are paid well and good, but the issue of refunds is a diversion from what is an important victory, the priority now is to ensure that people are no longer bullied into paying twice for their water. And those people who felt they had no option but to pay will have one less bill to worry about now.

IMG_3726People were not fooled by the spin that surrounded the establishment of Irish Water. It was clear from the start that it was a money-making operation, that would not benefit our water infrastructure, but would create opportunities for private investors to make fortunes out of a vital natural resource which the tax payer has invested in for generations. A resource, that is so important to our lives, our health and well being, that people were compelled to defend it and not allow it to be treated as a commodity or let it fall into the hands of private corporations.
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Clare questions David Begg’s appointment as chair of the Pensions Authority.

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From Edward Horgan, Shannon Watch

Hello all, 5313

At Shannon airport yesterday 7th January, the car parks were more than half empty. The showers of hail, rain, and the wind seemed to epitomise a failed airport project. Over the years our Dublin based, and Dublin orientated governments have stripped the economic life out of Shannon airport in favour of Dublin airport, and used US military flights and up to three million US soldiers to massage the passenger figures using Shannon airport. I note that just before Christmas, Airport CEO, Neil Parkey, did not have his contract renewed – no reason given. Prior to coming to Shannon three years ago he had been very successful as Manager of Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

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