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A cross party group of TDs have expressed concern at the jailing of two political activists, Sean Doyle and Eamonn McGrath.   Both men have been remanded in custody until the 21st of May and 24th of June respectively for taking part in a peaceful protest in Kilcoole. Sean was arrested after being assaulted by an individual in front of Gardai while his attacker went unpunished. The same attacker then viciously pushed a woman to the ground. The Gardaí present saw fit to arrest the protesters for trespass while they gently escorted the assailant away. No charges have been brought against this man. The continuation of the political policing of the Irish Water protests exposes the Garda, yet again, as a force used to protect the status quo at the expense of ordinary people.
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Dean Mulligan reports from Dublin North Disability Forum. 

The Dublin North Disability Forum was organised on the back of the Disable Inequity campaign, which was set up pre-general election in order to make disability rights an integral general election issue. The Forum was organised by the Áiseanna Tacaíochta network and the Disable Inequality campaign. It was refreshing to see a good attendance from the NCBI (working with people with sightless and the blind), GDIL (Greater Dublin Independent Living), DFI (Disability Federation of Ireland), IDS (Irish Deaf society) and Individuals with disabilities and family members along with advocacy groups, disabled individuals, family members and politicians. Politicians from both Dublin City Council and Fingal County Council, were in attendance along with some TD’s from both Dublin Fingal and Dublin Bay North Constituencies. The DNDF was set up as an introduction of possible round table discussions, with a particular emphasis on the UN Convention on the Rights of people with Disabilities (UN-CRPD).
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From Ed Horgan at Shannon Watch

Easter Sunday morning at 9am United States Navy Lockheed C-130T Hercules 165313 c/n 5383 Fleet Logistics Support Squadron based in Jacksonville, Florida USA is back in Shannon, having been here also on Good Friday, probably having been on a mission to the Middle East in the meantime, delivering troops or other war materials to the killing fields. Once again it is being protected by Gardaí and Irish army personnel. These Gardaí and Irish army personnel should be celebrating the centenary of Irish independence and sovereignty today, except of course that our Government (or so-called acting-Government) have handed over our independence and sovereignty to the United States of America at Shannon airport.
Happy Easter?? Not if one is at the receiving end of the war materials being transported through Shannon airport on this and other US war planes on a daily basis.Shannon Easter Sunday