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By Edward Horgan

A US war plane a Hercules C130 landed at Shannon on Friday and was still there at noon on Saturday. This is a description of this particular version of the C130 from the internet:

“C-130J-30 Super Hercules, the C-130J-30 is a stretch version of the C-130J. The C-130J-30 adds 15 feet to the fuselage, increasing usable space (two more pallets of equipment) in the cargo compartment. Maximum Allowable Payload 44,000 pounds (19,958 kilograms)”

Hercules C-130J-30 at Shannon Airport 3/09/2016

Hercules C-130J-30 at Shannon Airport 3/09/2016

It was still at Shannon at noon on Saturday 3 Sept. I thought it looked a bit longer than usual when I saw it at Shannon today. The question we must ask is: What is a US military aircraft capable of carrying almost 20,000 Kilograms of military material doing at Shannon airport, if it is not on military operations, not on military exercises, not carry weapons or munitions, as we are continuously told by the Irish and US Governments. Perhaps it is carrying Apples for Apple Computers???

We are being lied to by our Government almost on a daily basis on this issue.
Please attend our Shannonwatch monthly peace vigils to protest at Irish complicity in US war crimes in the Middle East, that have caused up to two million deaths, and created the greatest global refugee crisis since World War 2.

On the weekend of 8/9 October especially, there will be a weekend of protests at Shannon airport organised by Shannonwatch, supported by other peace groups including Galway Alliance Against War, PANA Peace and Neutrality Alliance, IAWM Irish Anti war Movement and AFRI. More on this later. We must stop this complicity with War Crimes

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Namaleaks is a project that seeks to uncover possible injustice and poor practice related to NAMA (National Asset Management Agency) and financial institutions in Ireland.

It is directed by Mick Wallace TD and the Namaleaks team includes Cormac Butler (financial consultant), Clare Daly TD, Frank McDonald (Irish Times journalist) and Julien Mercille (University College Dublin academic). It has been developed in collaboration with the Freedom of the Press Foundation and experts who work extensively with whistleblower Edward Snowden. They are world leaders in creating secure and anonymous systems for whistleblowers.

Please contact us if you have relevant information. Whether you are an insider with confidential information, someone who has been evicted from your house unjustly, or know something else of relevance to the project, we would like to hear from you.  See link below for the new website.

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DITSU President, Boni Odoemene.

DITSU President, Boni Odoemene

The three-year funding agreement between management at the Dublin Institute of Technology and DIT Student’s Union ran out on 30 June last.

The parties had been negotiating an agreement for several months and both sides came to an agreement in late April. The agreement was approved by the Senior Leadership Team of the DIT, chaired by the President of the DIT, and was formally signed by the Director of Student Affairs of the DIT. However, an objection by Imelda Reynolds, a business rep on the Governing Body, who wants the union to be subject to DIT Internal Audit, has blocked the agreement.

As a result, DIT Students’ Union has no funding in place – despite having signed off on agreements twice with DIT management.
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Statement from Irish Housing Network

The five families in emergency accommodation have been allowed to stay in Lynam’s Hotel until the 1st of August thanks to negotiations between the Irish Housing Network and the hotel management. The hotel managers are permitting the families to stay free of charge, as Dublin City Council have still not sourced suitable alternative long-term emergency accommodation for them.

The future of these families is far from secure; they refute Dublin City Council’s statement that they have been offered suitable alternative accommodation. While some have been offered short-term rooms in other hotels, none of these places are suitable or secure.
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