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Priory Hell


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Priory Hell was displayed on many posters on Saturday’s demonstration by the families and supporters of the Priory Hall residents, who were forced to evacuate their homes one year ago this week.  It was generally accepted by those in attendance that failure of Government and Council has played a huge role in the plight of the Priory Hall evacuees.

Demonstration at Priory Hall October 2012

Speaking to the crowd at Saturday’s protest, outside the railings of their former homes, Graham Usher, of the campaign group, described how the system had failed them.  For the last twelve months, 256 residents have been in limbo with regard to the homes they purchased from developer Tom McFeely.  Usher was eager to stress that it was too simplistic to merely point the finger at McFeely, who walked away scot free from this debacle.  The government, banks, and city council have all been complicit in the speculation that drove the housing boom.   
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Local Issues

Local Issues

* Socialist Party TD condemns decision to axe Donabate Community Welfare Service


Socialist Party TD Clare Daly has condemned the decision of the Department of Social Welfare to end the Monday morning Community Welfare service that has operated in Donabate for the past 17 years serving residents from the Donabate/Portrane area.

Deputy Daly said, “This is a huge blow to residents living on the peninsula. At a time when unfortunately more people than ever need to access social welfare services,forcing people who have very little income to travel to Swords is adding insult to injury. The services in Swords are already overburdened, not to mind the expense of having to get there. Let’s face it, operating in the area one day a week was hardly a gold standard service anyway, but at least it was something. To remove it, is a total kick in the teeth for the area.”

“This is a real indictment of government policy and a particular betrayal by Minister Burton and the Labour Party”, Clare Daly said. ” Many people believed that voting labour would protect the most vulnerable. Instead we have even greater inequality than at any time in our history. This is not good enough.Social Welfare services should be locally based so that people can access them. Following on from the closure of the office in Malahide, requiring people to travel to Kilbarrack, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the government has totally abandoned this part of the county. Enough is enough. I believe that residents and the trade unions have to make a stand and save this service and I am strongly urging all to get on to the government TDs and the Minister and get them to reverse this disastrous decision before it is implemented next week.”

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Dublin North TD Clare Daly has reacted angrily to the decision of the Department of Social Protection to shut the doors of the Community Welfare Officers clinic in Malahide from Tuesday week, March 20th.

Deputy Daly has called on the Minister to pull back from the decision. She said, “Axing the community welfare officer service from Malahide, at a time when more people than ever need to avail of it, is a severe blow to families and individuals in the area and cannot be allowed to proceed. Forcing people to go to Kilbarrack to access a service that will only be open for an hour and a half, three mornings a week, is scandalous.”

She continued, “Following on from the decision to cut the Garda station opening hours and not proceeding with the Fry’s Model Railway project for the Casino, you’d begin to wonder whether the government has a vendetta against Malahide.”

“This is part of a wider problem of inadequate Social welfare services across north county Dublin. Forcing people who are unemployed to spend their limited resources on bus & train fares, or petrol going into the city centre or indeed Kilbarrack in this instance is just not on,” she said.

“Everyone remembers the election promises. It’s about time the government TDs started delivering for the area”.