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There has been a clear contradiction in the last week between international sources and the Irish government in relation to Ireland’s tax status. On the one hand we have the Taoiseach purporting that Ireland does not “do special tax-rate deals with companies”.  Tanaiste, Eamon Gilmore, has been adamant that Ireland’s corporate tax structure remains transparent. He has also toed the Taoiseach’s line that Ireland does not negotiate favourable or particular rates with any corporation.
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In a case with parallels to the case of Savita Halappanavar, a 22-year-old woman in El Salvador known by a single name, Beatriz, has a simple request.

“I want to live”

Beatriz’s identity has been hidden amid the stigma and strong, divided opinions about her case. But on Sunday May 5, she recorded a plea to the country’s president.

“President Mauricio Funes Cartagena, help me please,” she said.                                            “This baby inside me cannot survive. I am ill. I want to live… I want to live for my son.”
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By Jamison Maeda

Every 12 hours, someone dies in a work related accident in the United States.  In 2011, more than 4,600 people were killed in accidents at work in the U.S. Despite these figures, more than half of Americans surveyed are still in favor of smaller government and less corporate regulation. The idea being fewer taxes and less constraint on economic growth, but the cost is several thousand deaths annually and more than 4 million injuries.
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Jamison Maeda reports from the USA on the sad story of the young man persecuted for his commitment to free access to the internet.

Like the plot of a Hollywood thriller, an ordinary guy in Brooklyn, New York suddenly finds his life turned upside down when he is mercilessly pursued by evil, government agents. But this wasn’t a movie. And it ended tragically.
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