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International, Worker's Rights

by Jamison Maeda

Summer has arrived, and people across the globe are beginning their holidays on sunny beaches and in exotic locales. Except for one rather surprising group.

Nearly half of American workers receive no paid vacation or paid holidays whatsoever. That’s almost 60 million workers. American employers are not required by law to pay workers for time not worked. These benefits are solely provided at the employer’s discretion. Even the average amount of paid vacation and paid bank holidays that some workers do receive wouldn’t meet the minimums required by law in other developed countries. And those American workers who are offered paid time off are frequently too overworked to use it. Over 40% of workers surveyed said they were unable to take the time off they’re entitled to because of heavy workloads.
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June has arrived and cities around the world are preparing for their annual LGBT parades and festivities. Most of us are familiar with the gay and lesbian events that take place in our city, but we might not be familiar with the history of Gay and Lesbian Pride month.  It began more than 40 years ago, on Christopher Street in New York City.

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Features, International

by Jamison Maeda

In the banking world, too big to fail has also meant too big to jail. Recently U.S. prosecutors threatened to file charges against BNP Paribas and Credit Suisse, and yesterday Credit Suisse plead guilty to conspiring to help clients hide their wealth in order to evade taxes. Officials have initially reported that fines and restitution for Credit Suisse will top $2.5 billion. 
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Animal Welfare, International

imagesThough the import and sale of cosmetics containing ingredients tested on animals is banned in the E.U., approximately 100 million animals are still used in other types of testing each year.

Testing products and pharmaceuticals on animals is not only unpopular, it’s extremely ineffective. Less than 2% of human illnesses are found in animals. And animal test results and human trial results agree less than 25% of the time and sometimes as infrequently as 5% of the time. 
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