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Last March, two US military veterans – Ken Mayars and Tarak Kauff – were arrested at Shannon airport for attempting to inspect a US warplane present on the runway there. The aircraft was on its way to the Middle East carrying up to 300 armed US troops. Since then, both men, who are in their 70s and 80s, have had to comply with bail conditions that see them stuck in Ireland and unable to return home to the United States.

Below, an excellent and very thorough report on Ken and Tarak’s current situation and the lead-up to it, written by Ken.

SUMMARY:  The high court has denied our appeal to have our bail conditions modified in order to allow us to return to the United States until our trial. However the judge said that we may appeal again after the trial date has been set, which we think will happen in October.

The details, of course, are a good deal more complicated and probably confusing.  I will try to explain the entire course of events as clearly as I can within the limitations of my understanding of the Irish judicial system.  This may tell you more than you want to know, in which case you should know that we will remain in Ireland at least until October of this year and conceivably until sometime in 2021.

Let’s start with the Irish court structure.

Like the US system, Ireland has several levels of courts for most legal processes and some specialized courts for selected legal processes.  For our situation, the relevant courts are two levels of criminal courts and a distinctive “High Court” for bail matters and selected other proceedings.

Unlike the United States, there are two categories of attorneys in Ireland: solicitors and barristers.  Normally an individual accused of an offense hires a solicitor or the court may appoint a solicitor to represent the accused.  If a case is to be argued in front of a jury, the solicitor will retain a barrister to present the case in court.
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Students from schools across Ireland are joining the global Schools Strike for Climate Action 

next Friday 15th March. As well as marches in Dublin and Cork there will be strike events outside local authority offices in counties 

from Tralee to Donegal, Meath to Galway, and locally at school gates across the country.

This global strike was called by the 16 year-old schoolgirl
Greta Thunberg who began striking outside the Swedish Parliament last August.
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