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By Jacob Richards

Labour may like to suggest they have the interests of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society at heart but in reality it appears their policies are more akin to something we would see put forward by the British Conservative Party. In fact much of Labour’s accompanying rhetoric suggests the party is quite content to embrace Tory values.

Let us consider the measures introduced in last weeks’ budget and targeted at young people under the age of 26. In the case of Jobseekers between the age of 22 and 26 the government introduced a flat cut of €44. This means that for those aged between 18 and 24 jobseekers payments will now amount to just €100 a week while those aged 25 will now receive €144. These cuts are cruel and unnecessary in themselves but worse still, they have been accompanied by the most condescending and arrogant rhetoric of government ministers towards young people. Labour in particular have been exceptionally bad offenders. During Leaders Questions last week, the Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore proclaimed, “the best place for any young person is not permanently in front of a flat screen television. It is at work or in education and training.”
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Aisling from Malahide Community School discusses advantages and disadvantages of lowering the voting age.

Many young people in Ireland today have campaigned for the right to vote at sixteen years of age. While many would say that this is a good idea, many would also have their arguments against it. Here are the main arguments teens put forward both for and against the right to vote at sixteen:
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In light of the introduction this week of the Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013, Tara from Malahide discusses the advantages of legalising cannabis use.

Liberty: People deserve the right to decide whether they should use marijuana or not. The government should not decide for them. Marijuana is safer to use than tobacco and alcohol, and it is also less addictive than either. Ultimately, it should be up to the individual whether or not they should use marijuana.
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by Jamison Maeda

After 16 days of a U.S. Federal government shutdown, Congress’s approval rating fell to an all time low of 5% according to the Associated Press.  The latest polls show zombies, hipsters and Miley Cyrus are experiencing a higher public approval rating than Congress. 
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