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Housing charity Threshold recently called on the Irish government to act in the face of what it believes is a rental crisis in Ireland.  According to the charity rents “are rising very significantly, particularly at the bottom end of the market”.

A forthcoming study carried out by the group shows that more than 50 per cent of people receiving rent supplement from the State are topping up their rent because they cannot access housing without paying more than the State contribution.

The charity called for Government action to prevent people from being displaced from their homes.  The reality is that there already is a significant amount of displacement and a serious increase in those presenting as homeless.  According to Focus Ireland 16 families are  are losing their home every month in Dublin while they have had a 20% increase  in inquiries nationwide.   
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Jamison Maeda

Raccoon dogs are not raccoons, but rather small dogs found in East Asia and Siberia. They are very social, preferring to have a friend or mate around. Raccoon dogs are monogamous. The males bringing food to pregnant females and take an active role in care for their puppies.
They are also frequently used for their fur.
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by Jamison Maeda

As political and religious leaders continue to flood the airwaves with decades old rhetoric about family values and the American way of life, ordinary people mourn the death of a another child murdered by the very people who adopted her.

Hana Alemu was born in Ethiopia, and adopted by an America couple from Washington State. Carri and Larry Williams, the adoptive parents, beat, starved and tortured Hana. They kept her locked in a closet or outside where she used an outdoor toilet and was hosed down with cold water.
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Statement by the Latin American Solidarity Centre

Dublin, 9 December 2013.

Latin American Solidarity Centre has learned of an escalation of violence against the community in Pitalito, Colombia, over its ongoing land dispute. On 3rd December, a human rights delegation that went to Pitalito to assess the damage inflicted against the crops planted by the community were intimidated by workers of the Agribusiness boss Juan Manuel Fernández de Castro. Shots were fired against members of the community and against the lawyer and human rights defender Rommel Durán. They were also fired at Italian journalist Bruno Federico and a member of the Platform of Human Rights in Colombia of Valencia (Spain).
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