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by Jamison Maeda

Dolphins are considered to be one of the most beautiful and intelligent creatures on Earth, and rightly so. Dolphins live in family groups. The young stay with their mother for up to 8 years. Extensive study has been done on dolphin language and communication and it is believed that they are given names by their mothers which they use to call out to friends and relatives. There have been many accounts of dolphins coming to the aid of other dolphins, helping stranded pilot whales, and even rescuing humans. It is because they are so much like us that dolphins hold a special place in our hearts.
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for Trevor Sherlock

I’ve applied
to be a consultant to Irish Water
on two hundred K plus;
Complaints Liaison Officer
at the state training agency Solas,
with an assistant laid
across a desk, who knows when to whisper:
he’s not here to take
your call right now; Deputy
government press secretary
on six hundred and sixty four Euro
shy of a hundred grand,
with smart phone thrown in;
Chief Justice Susan Denham
on four thousand a week,
judicial attire supplied;
Chief Executive Officer
of St. Vincent’s Hospital
on twenty grand a month, including
a car allowance; Special Advisor
to the Minister for Foreign Affairs
on I forget how much
(though I’d have to supply
my own phone); Head
of the National Treasury Management Agency
on more than four hundred grand (salary estimated)
because the NTMA doesn’t reveal salaries;
for the hell of it, former CEO
of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority
because I like the idea of someone paying me
to go away.

And when all these came back
We regret I decided
to be my own Cosmonaut
orbiting forever
that planet you live on.

Kevin Higgins

Features, International

By Jamison Maeda
One year ago, the world lost a champion in the struggle for freedom of information.   Aaron Swartz was a passionate activist for social justice and internet freedom. Though just a kid, his contemporaries considered him a hero and a wise elder.
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Features, International

by Jamison Maeda

Known as the most horrific episode of a horrible war, American soldiers slaughtered as many as 504 unarmed Vietnamese civilians in the Mỹ Lai Massacre in 1969. After an initial cover-up, an American whistle-blower named Ronald L. Ridenhour helped reveal the truth behind the massacre in 30 letters he sent to US government officials.  But history seems to be repeating itself with the American Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Predator and Reaper Program (drones) and the deaths of hundreds of civilains.
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