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Heavy Clogs



a poem about the mass grave at Tuam

I’m the local schoolmistress

who worked hard to know

the zilch I knew about this.


I’m the Department Inspector

who remembered

the questions not to ask.


I’m the concerned citizen who never

heard their heavy clogs go,

by forced marches, up the Dublin Road.


I’m the editor of the Tuam Herald,

who talked instead about

the Pope’s visit.


I’m the Government Minister whose pink skull

baldly admired the particular yellow

of the roses by the newly whitewashed wall,

and thanked the nuns for their work.


I’m the County Councillor concerned

about the cost to the ratepayer

-per skeleton- of piling that many small ones

of whom no one had ever heard,


into a disused hole in the ground

–one big concrete sarcophagus–

no one knew anything about.





Features, Human Rights, International

June has arrived and cities around the world are preparing for their annual LGBT parades and festivities. Most of us are familiar with the gay and lesbian events that take place in our city, but we might not be familiar with the history of Gay and Lesbian Pride month.  It began more than 40 years ago, on Christopher Street in New York City.

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Features, International

by Jamison Maeda

In the banking world, too big to fail has also meant too big to jail. Recently U.S. prosecutors threatened to file charges against BNP Paribas and Credit Suisse, and yesterday Credit Suisse plead guilty to conspiring to help clients hide their wealth in order to evade taxes. Officials have initially reported that fines and restitution for Credit Suisse will top $2.5 billion. 
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By Jacob Richards

imagesWhen it comes to recessionary times we are often subjected to a great deal of spin about funding cuts.  Whether it is cuts to the health service or the closure of Garda stations we are told that we must ‘tighten our belts’, ‘waste little’ and ‘do more with less resources.’ This rhetoric is dressed up with talk of increased productivity and efficiency which will, in the long run, benefit us all.  Such talk defies common sense and the ordinary Joe soap on the street knows very well that a Health Service that was crying out for investment was always going to deteriorate in the face of huge slashes to funding. Unfortunately the knock on effect for our front line services has been devastating.
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