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Soliloquy in Voice of Ageing Rock Journalist

There I was on the meditation mat
Jackson Browne gave me to mark
the year of the rat, naked apart
from what’s left of my tremendous
hair, incantating the word
“progressive” to my holy self
and the tiny birds at
the window, who are always
my best first audience,
when the truth came to me:

no other combination of parties
can deliver the certain
(and required) surge
in whole family suicide
among those made live in the kind of hotels
not frequented by Keith Richards,
that will occur
if this government is returned,
as it must be.

I’m most famous
for having once, allegedly,
shared a hot tub, and my thoughts
on the heroic death
of Salvador Allende,
with Ireland’s baldest
living intellectual.

I’m what happens when you take
not quite enough cocaine.
During a session at Lille’s Bordello,
I once pulled Bono’s finger;
or what I thought was
Bono’s finger.

I offer these words as evidence
that I’m not actually dead yet. Satan
be good to me and what remains
of my hair.



A humorous look at the 2016 General Election inspired by the Water Protests and Enda Kenny.

Written by Fintan Foley
Sung by Kevin McCarthy

Dáil Issues, Features

A guest post by Edward Horgan of Shannonwatch

I know there is a saying that ‘all politics is local’ but it seems surprising still that hugely important issues like Syria, Palestine, the refugee crisis, serious risk of a major war, if Saudi Arabia sends troops into Syria, US military use of Shannon airport, have all been ignored in election debates in Ireland so far.
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Features, Human Rights

TFMR Ireland has issued a statement to mark the first anniversary of Dáil Éireann rejecting a bill to legislate for terminations of pregnancy in cases of Fatal Foetal Abnormalities, and to coincide with MLAs in the Northern Ireland Assembly debating an amendment to the Justice Bill to allow just that.
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