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Clare Speaking on the Civil Registration Bill 2014, raises questions about some of the inconsistencies in terms of  rights including fathers rights and adopted people’s right to access their identities. Click on the link below to watch:

Saying Prayers


Equality, Human Rights

During a Dáil debate on Thursday October 2nd regarding calling a referendum to decide on removing or retaining the blasphemy clause in the constitution I referred to the recital of a Christian prayer at the beginning of each sitting of the Dáil as being ‘offensive.’ As a result I have been labelled as intolerant by some individuals and a portion of the media. On the contrary it is in the interests of tolerance and fairness that I made such remarks. Let me clarify that as a staunch defender of freedom of conscience, freedom of expression and freedom of speech I would defend anyone’s right to pray or not to pray whatever the case may be.
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Details emerging that a young, suicidal woman of precarious immigration status, the victim of a traumatic rape was refused an abortion, and subsequently had the child delivered by Caesarian section, have again brought centre stage the urgent need to Repeal the 8th Amendment and implement measures to deal with abortion for women who are the victims of rape & incest, cases of fatal foetal abnormalities and where a woman’s health is in danger, as strongly recommended recently by the UNHRC.
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Dáil Debates, Equality, Human Rights

During the debate on the private members motion on equality for those with disabilities Clare raised the issue of the closing down of Deaforward, a deaf advocacy centre because of the withdrawal of funding.  Click on the link below to watch: