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Worker's Rights

10418482_10153353890118970_902114295731441001_nWorkers in  Dunnes Stores are currently in a battle with their employer to end the exploitative practice of zero hour contacts.

This is an important struggle for workers rights across the country. Irish workers are facing increasing underemployment, short-term contracts and precarious employment terms for less and less wages.
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Sale of Aer Lingus


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The Dáil voted today by 74 to 51 to approve the sale of the states share in Aer Lingus.  This is pure treachery on behalf of our politicians and it is a sad day for Ireland. Workers and unions in Aer Lingus must do everything in their power to resist this sell off of the nations assets.

Aer Lingus is an iconic company. It’s one that a lot of Irish people have enormous fondness for, probably because it has been around nearly as long as the State has. It was an early symbol of a kind of hopeful modernity; a symbol of Ireland as an independent country, an island state that nonetheless was closely tied to the world beyond. Aer Lingus matters to Irish people, and I’d hazard a guess that there is nobody but nobody in this country, outside of Fine Gael, who is happy to see it sold off to IAG.
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