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The Dáil voted today by 74 to 51 to approve the sale of the states share in Aer Lingus.  This is pure treachery on behalf of our politicians and it is a sad day for Ireland. Workers and unions in Aer Lingus must do everything in their power to resist this sell off of the nations assets.

Aer Lingus is an iconic company. It’s one that a lot of Irish people have enormous fondness for, probably because it has been around nearly as long as the State has. It was an early symbol of a kind of hopeful modernity; a symbol of Ireland as an independent country, an island state that nonetheless was closely tied to the world beyond. Aer Lingus matters to Irish people, and I’d hazard a guess that there is nobody but nobody in this country, outside of Fine Gael, who is happy to see it sold off to IAG.
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by Jamison Maeda

I am an American. This means that I live in one of the world’s largest oligarchies. My country is controlled by a few billionaires, a handful of large corporations, and the politicians paid to protect them. Billionaire Sheldon Adelson spent $100 million dollars in the 2010 American presidential campaign. He is expected to spent the same amount or more in 2016. The Koch brothers will spend nearly $900 million dollars in the 2016 election campaign. And since a 2010 Supreme Court ruling, there is no longer a limit to the amount of money corporations can donate to political campaigns. This leaves ordinary American citizens with little or no influence over what happens in government.
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Worker's Rights

A strike has been called by Mandate members at Dunnes Stores for Thursday  2 April. This is a strike nobody wants but workers have been left with no option as the management at Dunnes refuse to enter talks with the workforce and their union on the issue of decent contracts and living standards for up to 10,000 workers in Southern Ireland. Dunnes


Over 80% of Dunnes workers are on temporary contracts. The policy of zero hour contracts is used widely at Dunnes.  This type of contract  gives no guarantee of working hours week to week and therefore take home pay changes each week.  The workers have no financial security and cannot plan any long term aspect of their lives living under these conditions. The majority of Dunnes workers are women and these contracts are a form of control, making these women compliant to the wishes of management regardless of their own needs or those of their families.   Dunnes Stores is huge company making over €400m in profit in Ireland every year while many of their workers are on Family Income Support because they cannot exist on the level of take home pay they receive.  A contract guaranteeing a set level of hours is not an unreasonable demand.
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