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Dáil Debates, Worker's Rights

Clare speaking on a Labour Party private members motion on Workers’ Rights.  The Labour Party presided over some of the worse attacks of working people over the last five years are unconvincing in their new found commitment to workers rights.  Robust legislation is needed to protect workers and defend their right to join a Trade Union.  See video below for her contribution to the debate:

Worker's Rights

Mandate Trade Union has announced that a strike of indefinite duration will take place in more than 70 13221744_10154217106193970_8303069174278288123_nTesco Ireland stores from Thursday morning at 7 am (26th May 2016) following a breakdown in talks in the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC).

TESCO with an estimated profit of over €200m per year are looking to inflate their profits in Ireland by undermining pay and conditions for their staff.  TESCO aim to force redundancy on those workers employed on contracts before 1996 so that they can move forward with a workforce on a reduced wage.  Those who have refused redundancy are being bullied into accepting new terms which amount to a loss of earnings of between 15% and 35% of their wages.

The new terms would slash overtime cut Sunday and unsociable hour’s premiums as well as reduce the workers annual bonus this alongside change to rosters will ensure that most jobs in TESCOs will be precarious, low paid and supplemented by state welfare payments.
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Dáil Debates, Worker's Rights

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