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Worker's Rights

An emergency boost to resources at the EAT is an absolute requirement
A question put by Socialist Party/United Left Alliance TD Clare Daly to the Minister for Jobs Enterprise and Innovation regarding case-load, resources and waiting times at the Employment Appeal Tribunal revealed an explosion in numbers of people seeking redress for unfair dismissal since the crisis began and a corresponding lengthening of waiting times.
Clare Daly said:

“I was provoked into asking these questions because of the amount of contact my and my party colleague Joe Higgins’ office was receiving from people who had good cases to make for unfair dismissal to the Rights Commissioner and/or Employment Appeals Tribunal.

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Worker's Rights

Clare Daly TD calls on DAA and Spar to protect the jobs of former Point Three workers

Lack of reassurances to 15 staff a scandal

“Following the decision by the DAA to put out to tender two kiosk spaces previously operated by Point Three Limited both outlets were closed on 15th October.

“Workers were told that Spar won the tenders. What should have followed was a relatively seamless refitting of both shops and under the laws relating to the transfer of undertakings the Point Three employees would continue to work under Spar.

“However since the closure of the Point Three shops workers were told that there would be a delay of four to six weeks before Spar would be in situ thus creating a considerable loss of income. However there has been no engagement with the 15 workers by Spar management to reassure them of their jobs.

“I call on Spar and the DAA to properly engage with the workers and furthermore ensure that between them they compensate the workers for any loss of income arising from these delays.”

Worker's Rights

Socialist Party Councillor Clare Daly, a SIPTU shop-steward in Aer Lingus has condemned Aer Lingus management for what she called, “deliberate actions designed to provoke a dispute.

Councillor Daly was speaking following the decision of Aer Lingus to suspend over 100 of its cabin crew staff and subsequent decision to hire in aircraft. She said, “the full responsibility for this situation lies on the shoulders of management. It was their actions which led to the disruption of flights and inconvenience to passengers earlier in the week. This dispute has clearly been orchestrated by management in an attempt to break the cabin crew union.

Aer Lingus cabin crew have accepted that their hours of work will increase, but they correctly refuse to allow those rosters to be designed in a manner which would have them with no home/family life. Management seem to have designed rosters in a manner which make them unworkable for anybody with children or personal responsibilities. IT is clear that there are a whole number of aspects to the roster which could be easily changed while still giving the company the extra hours and not affecting the schedule. The fact that they have shown no desire to look at these over the past number of months indicates that this is about showing who is boss and nothing more.

It is absolutely scandalous,” Councillor Daly said” that this dictatorial management would be enforced. To call people into interviews individually is absolutely reprehensible in this day and age. IT is also somewhat ironic, that the company which has consistently over the past number of years cut millions from the staff budget in terms of reduced numbers of workers, pay and conditions on the grounds that they need to reduce costs, have no problem hiring in aircraft and staff, while hundreds of their own staff are available for duty.

Councillor Daly concluded, “I fully support the cabin crew in their just demand for a reasonable work-life balance. The days of workers being serfs at the beck and call of their owners should be well and truly over. I am calling on all unions at the company to come together and discuss a collective response.