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Worker's Rights

“Ten bar staff, employed by SSP in Dublin Airport are facing being made redundant in the coming weeks and being replaced by lower paid staff. SSP made a successful bid, overseen by the DAA for a bar space in Terminal One in February of this year.

“Under TUPE legislation it should have been understood by SSP that they were obliged to preserve the pay and conditions of the bar staff who worked for the previous holder of the contract. However in a matter of a short few months they are attempting to drive out the existing staff and replace them with ‘caterers’ who they allege have a different skills sets even thought the job description claims that experience is not necessary.

“I wrote to Mr Bill Twomey of the Dublin Airport Authority on 1st June about this matter and to date have not even had the decency of an acknowledgement. In the email (below) I point out the responsibility of the DAA in ensuring that successful bidders for bar and retail space be obliged to honour pay and conditions.

“I have pledged my support for the SSP workers and any action they take to support their jobs. I know that bar and retail staff in other companies in the Airport are watching events with great interest and are extremely supportive of their staff.”

Worker's Rights

“The protest being organised today by former employees of HW Wilson at Clontarf Castle today is 100% justified. Potential customers of Ebsco Ltd who took over HW Wilson and are holding an information day in Clontarf Castle need to be made aware of the manner in which the workers were made redundant and denied the enhanced compensation package recommended by the Labour Court.

“As has been shown in other instances including Vita Cortex, Game and La Senza among others there is a growing trend of employers leaving workers high and dry with issues of redundancy, outstanding pay and holidays being left unresolved.

“The Socialist Party and United Left Alliance favours recommendations for enhanced redundancies from the Labour Court to be made binding on employers and, although this situation doesn’t arise in HW Wilson, legal immunity for workers who occupy their place of work when the employer attempts to cease operations or make workers redundant when money due to the employees is outstanding.”

Worker's Rights

Joe Higgins TD and Clare Daly TD offer full support and assistance to the workers of Game

The Game stores suddenly announced their closure on Monday resulting in 121 workers losing their jobs without warning. Many of the workers have provided considerable years of service to the games retailer. The workers have now courageously decided to occupy 13 of the stores across the country.

Joe Higgins TD said “I would like to offer my full support and solidarity to the workers of the Game stores who are occupying 13 stores nationwide. It is remarkable that these workers are courageously following in the footsteps of the La Senza and Vita Cortex workers who themselves were inspired by the global Occupy Movement. This dispute is yet another example of major companies using the recession as an excuse to treat loyal workers with complete and utter disdain. I call on the Games stores to immediately provide these workers with their full redundancy and pay entitlements”

Clare Daly TD added “I would like to congratulate the Game workers for making their stand. The fact that these workers recognised immediately the importance of occupying their stores shows once again just how much the worker’s movement has learned in recent times about cut-throat big business. I demand that the Government and in particular the Labour Party intervene into this dispute to ensure that these workers are paid in full what they are due. The trade union movement need to have an immediate response on this issue by putting pressure on the retailer and by also preparing their members for industrial action if it becomes necessary.”

Worker's Rights

Socialist Party TD calls on Stobarts to grant union recognition and rostering rights to truck drivers ahead of strike action tomorrow

“The strike action being taken tomorrow by truck drivers employed by Stobart in Ballymun is 100% justified. As a company that makes goods deliveries to Tescos they are supposedly party to an ethical guideline whereby they recognise the union to which their employees belong. Indeed in the nearby Donabate depot Stobarts recognise SIPTU.

“The key issue however over which the dispute is taking place is the absence of regular rostering for the workers whereby they are only informed on a day by day basis the precise times of the shifts they work. This makes it impossible for them to make any plans in their private and family lives. There are also real health and safety concerns on the part of the workers given the erratic shifts they end up being asked to work.

“Again like the recognition issue Storbart’s do afford proper rostering to drivers in the Donabate depot. I hope the picket tomorrow, which is the second day of strike action will force the company to settle with the drivers. I deplore their attempt to employ strike breaking labour from Britain on the last day of action.

“I also condemn the granting of an injunction by the courts that seeks to prevent effective picketing of the depot. It is again another example of how the laws and in particular the Industrial Relations Act serves the employer class in this country.”