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Worker's Rights

“The efforts by the catering multinational giant SSP to get rid of experienced unionised bar staff in Dublin Airport stands out as one of the crudest in my experience.

“Thanks to the resolve of the workers the company had to abandon an unlawful attempt to replace them by catering workers on a €9.40 per hour pittance.

“Following this a spurious process of one to one assessments was carried out arising from which six bar staff with decades of experience were informed they ‘failed’ and would be made redundant.

“Throughout these events SIPTU have been found sadly wanting in not taking a more proactive fighting approach reflecting the anger of the workers. There is a mood among the workers to fight to save their jobs and SIPTU must no longer impede requests to conduct a ballot.”

“Support among other Airport workers will not be found wanting if action takes place.”

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Minister Varadkar’s threat to increments a clear signal that public service workers must ready themselves for fresh battles

Union leaders who sold Croke Park deal to members on the basis it would protect pay must now be held to account by members

“The attack on increments by Minister Varadkar should not be interpreted by public service workers as a solo run but an early warning that they have fresh battles on their hands.

“Likewise on the issue of allowances and core pay it is clear that all the cuts and job losses forced on the public service workforce thanks to the Croke Park agreement has not bought in return (as was promised by the leaders of some unions) the protection of those remaining in their jobs from further attacks.

“Time and again since the crisis began the trade union leadership, particularly in SIPTU and IMPACT have told their members in the public service to accept cuts like the pensions levy, the pay cuts of 2010 and subsequently Croke Park implying on each occasion that they would be left alone thereafter.

“The Socialist Party and ULA stands out against the vilification of public sector workers by the political establishment and right wing media. Every attack on the take home pay of public servants has actually furthered the economic crisis by taking money out of the pockets of predominantly low and middle income workers with a knock on impact on the private sector which is obvious to most people but not Minister Varadkar.

“The lesson should be learned by everybody that whatever we might give up in terms of pay, conditions, new tax impositions and welfare cuts it will never be enough for this government and the boss class. Therefore there should be no further avoiding of a determined fight to protect what we have.”

Worker's Rights

Catering giant SSP condemned for its attempt to initiate spurious redundancies of bar workers in Dublin Airport

Responding to efforts by SSP to drive experienced bar staff out of their jobs in Dublin Airport Clare Daly TD said:

“The company have had a clear agenda of driving down wage costs by the crudest of means. The company originally sought to replace 10 bar staff with 10 catering staff on wages of €9.40 per hour. The SIPTU members were told that the catering staff they wanted would have a ‘different skill set’ yet the job description claimed that experience was inessential.

“On the basis of challenging the company on this point they scrapped the recruitment process and instead embarked on a review process over the last number of days which involved rating the bar staff on the jobs that have already been doing with a required pass rate of 80%. Despite misgivings the workers participated in this process and on the basis of a number of them allegedly ‘failing’ redundancy notices have been issued.

“One worker challenged the examiners to describe the job he was doing that they were rating him on and being unable to do so they suspended the process.

“It seems clear to me that the companies efforts to spuriously select workers for redundancy needs to be vigorously challenged. The fact that members engaged in this phoney rating process and some have passed and been given the impression that their jobs are safe poses a very divisive scenario that SIPTU should not have allowed to emerge in my view.

“I gather a meeting for members has been organised for today. On the basis of the conversations I have had I detect a strong mood for action to defend jobs and conditions. I will publiclly support these workers and strongly encourage SIPTU to take every necessary step to back them up in their efforts to save their jobs including strike action”

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“Hands Off Aer Lingus !” – says Daly

” Ryanair stunt should be vigorously opposed!”

” Any attempt by Ryanair to purchase Aer Lingus, should be vigorously opposed by the workforce. The government should take note and decisively reject this stunt,” said Socialist Party TD Clare Daly.

Deputy Daly was responding to Ryanair’s announcement of an attempted take-over of the airline with an offer of €1.30 per share. She said, “The government has to take full responsibility for this situation. Ryanair is cynically using the government’s announcement of its intention to sell its 25% shareholding in an attempt to drive up the price of Ryanair’s shares. It is clear that nothing else has changed. This move which would give Ryanair a virtual monopoly on air transport to and from Ireland, will again be rejected by the competition authorities. The real agenda seems to be improving their share price, probably with a view to selling their existing stock.”

“The lesson should be clear. Aer Lingus has almost €1 billion in cash reserves, not to mind all its other assets and potential. This is one of the oldest companies in Ireland, providing relatively decent secure, permanent pensionable employment to thousands, an excellent service and connectivity to Europe and the United States from both east and west of Ireland. Any further sell off of government shares should be halted as an extremely short sighted move, which would deliver a small amount of cash, which would be more than offset by the threat to jobs and service in the future.”