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Clare raised questions with Eamonn Gilmore regarding the role of the Labour Party in forcing through financial emergency measures to force the hand of workers to accept the Haddington Road agreement. Clare asks: Are Labour now indistinguishable from Fine Gael?

Dáil Work, Leaders Questions, Worker's Rights

Clare ask Eamonn Gilmore about the journey Labour have made to the side of IBEC as they continue to impose cuts and taxes on low paid workers and struggling home owners while never attempting to tax the wealthy.

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By Jamison Maeda

Every 12 hours, someone dies in a work related accident in the United States.  In 2011, more than 4,600 people were killed in accidents at work in the U.S. Despite these figures, more than half of Americans surveyed are still in favor of smaller government and less corporate regulation. The idea being fewer taxes and less constraint on economic growth, but the cost is several thousand deaths annually and more than 4 million injuries.
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Dáil Work, Leaders Questions, Worker's Rights

Clare asked Tánaiste Eamonn Gilmore, in light of the overwhelming defeat by ordinary Trade Union members of Croke Park 2, if it is not time that he and his Labour colleagues followed in the footsteps of Michael O’Leary and joined Fine Gael.