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Clare questions the Government on their intentions to introduce pro-choice legislation in light of the conclusion of the inquest into the death of Savita Halappanavar.

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The unveiling of a plaque to the Irish Women Workers Union in Liberty Hall today will mark the historic importance of women in the Irish Labour movement.

On launching the first and most durable women’s trade union in the country, Delia Larkin was critical of the poor pay and conditions women had to endure, insisting they were ‘weary of being white slaves who pass their lives away toiling to fill the pockets of unscrupulous employers’.

There was a wave of strikes in Ireland north and south in the run up to the foundation of the union and many of them involved large numbers of women workers. Mary Galway, Secretary of the Textiles Operatives Society in Belfast played a leading role in mobilising women workers in Belfast and in 1911 lead a very significant strike of over 3,000 mill workers in the city.
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Joan Collins and Clare Daly today denounced John Bruton’s cruel argument to exclude the risk of suicide as grounds for abortion.
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Statement 13 Feb 2013

Clare Daly TD, Joan Collins TD.

Today’s leaked report of the draft HSE investigation into the death of
Savita Halappanavar contains shocking confirmation of what was
reported at the time of her death  and more.
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