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by Jamison Maeda

Those of us following the situation of 22 year old Beatriz in El Salvador received disappointing news today as the Salvadorian Supreme Court rejected her appeal for an abortion which her doctors have repeatedly stated is needed to save her life. Beatriz suffers from Lupus as well as kidney issues, which have created life-threatening, pregnancy complications.
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Choice of speakers at Oireachtas Hearings on abortion is biased towards restrictive legislation.

Buttimer must change balance of speakers.


Commenting on the speakers chosen to address the Oireachtas Hearings on the forthcoming abortion legislation, Brendan Young said:

The choice of speakers to the Oireachtas Hearings on the forthcoming abortion legislation is heavily biased. Amongst the medical and legal speakers, there are ten who are either anti-abortion advocates or who question the appropriateness of legislating for the X Case. By contrast there are only five who support non-restrictive legislation for the X Case or are pro-choice.
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Health, International, Women's Rights

In a case with parallels to the case of Savita Halappanavar, a 22-year-old woman in El Salvador known by a single name, Beatriz, has a simple request.

“I want to live”

Beatriz’s identity has been hidden amid the stigma and strong, divided opinions about her case. But on Sunday May 5, she recorded a plea to the country’s president.

“President Mauricio Funes Cartagena, help me please,” she said.                                            “This baby inside me cannot survive. I am ill. I want to live… I want to live for my son.”
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