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Dáil Issues, Oral Questions, Transport Tourism and Sport

Dáil Issues, Transport Tourism and Sport

Minister Ross fumbled and dithered in relation to serious questions regarding noise management currently in operation at Dublin Airport and plans for future monitoring. In a shocking lack of clarity, he fails to realise the substantial impact upon thousands of North County Dublin homes by the airport runway. Has no idea that the DAA currently incentives night flights and is the least regulated airport in terms of noise abatement measures. Somewhat concerning, given this is the individual charged with overseeing the management of Transport matters in the state… Most worryingly of all, he fudges the issue as regards whether a statutory instrument, which would not require a Dail vote or primary legislation, which would, will be necessary in order to establish the new competent authority under the offices of the IAA to monitor the new EU Directive with regards to aircraft noise. This is an absolutely critical issue, as this will be the body that could have the power to remove the two conditions restricting aircraft activity at night. This is of critical importance to the health and well-being of residents. Have a listen to what he says and contact him and your local reps on this matter today. We will not tolerate any situation of the Dail not having a vote on such serious changes.


Dáil Issues, Oral Questions, Transport Tourism and Sport

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