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On this occasion Clare raised the issue of continuing attacks on workers in Dublin Bus and in Aer Lingus and serious attempts by the Government to undermine those workers with decent pensionable jobs. You can watch the video by clicking on the link below.


Leaders Questions


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This week in Leaders Questions, Clare raised the issue of the effects of cuts in this years budget on the elderly.  She also asked about the ongoing attacks on working conditions for workers at Dublin Bus.  Click on the link below to watch the video


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Over 1,000 Ryanair pilots completed the Ryanair Pilot Group survey in early June, to determine pilot attitudes to safety reporting, following a memo issued by the Chief Pilot in mid-April.  The RPG represents over 50% of Ryanair pilots.
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The Drivers in Dublin Bus who have served strike notice, beginning from midnight Sunday 4th August, are 100% right to stand up to the company’s planned cuts to their earnings and working conditions.  Apart from the obvious cuts in sick days and overtime payments the deal on offer in effect gives the company a blank cheque on future schedules and issues like traveling time that could have serious effects on every driver’s working conditions. This deal is a clear indication of the race to the bottom policy being pursued by management at Dublin Bus it will allow the company to recruit new drivers on much reduced pay and on a part time basis.
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