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This weeks Transport committee discussed matters relating to the IAS scheme where Clare raised concerns about pensions.  Click on the link below to watch some of the proceedings:


Transport Tourism and Sport, Worker's Rights

Speaking this week on the State Airports (Shannon) bill. Clare raises the concerns regarding the pension issue. Click below to hear her contribution to this debate:


Dáil Issues, Dáil Work, Leaders Questions, Transport Tourism and Sport, Worker's Rights

Clare raised the issue of Aer Lingus management cutting benefits to cabin crew staff as retribution for part taking in strike action.  Click on the link below to watch:


Dáil Issues, Dáil Work, Topical Questions, Transport Tourism and Sport

I recently raised the matter of the cabin crew strike at Aer Lingus with Minister Varadkar during Topical questions in the Dáil.

Clare Daly:

Since the issue of the upcoming strike was raised in the House yesterday, Aer Lingus has, at the eleventh hour, invited the unions in to talks. I am not sure whether those talks have commenced. There was no indication earlier of when they might take place, but it is late in the day and follows on from the company’s utterances yesterday more or less threatening workers that, should the new roster regime suggested by Aer Lingus cabin crew be brought in, the company would have no alternative but to shut its operations in Ireland and locate some of its bases in North America, with a loss of jobs.
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