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Following on from Saturday’s successful demonstration in Dublin city centre concerned with highlighting the plight of Marian Price, Clare was happy to participate in the beginnings of an all-party group this morning, in relation to looking at the issue of prisoners’ rights concerning some very worrying cases in Northern Ireland at the moment, but with particular reference to Marian.

One of the first initiatives of the group will be to organise a visit up to the prison to see Marian and Clare is hoping to be part of that delegation. It’s quite clear from the evidence that Marian’s deteriorating ill health adds an urgency to the need to step up this campaign and both the Irish and British Government should take note as indeed should the Secretary of state for Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland deputy’s.


This is a fundamental human rights issue. The revelations in the report about practices in the women’s prison are very worrying. They indicate a move away from the ethos which used to prevail of a progressive and rehabilitative outlook to one which is much more punitive. As somebody who spent a month there I am well aware of the set-up in the Dóchas Centre, and this is an extremely worrying trend which will be bad for the women and the staff.
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