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United Left Alliance TDs condemn the privatisation of Dublin City Council’s waste collection service

The ULA TDs condemn the privatisation of Dublin City Council’s waste collection service. Joan Collins TD (People Before Profit/United Left Alliance Dublin South Central) said:

“After a 148 years of unbroken service to the city, it is now the last Local Authority to privatise the waste collection. The ULA acknowledges the powerful Anti Bin Tax Campaign who fought so well against the implementation of a charge for waste as we were well aware that once a service is commodified and there is a majority compliance, as sure as night follows day, private companies are waiting in the wings to principally make a profit out of the service.

It is no accident that Dublin City Council was the last local authority to privatise because it had such a huge non compliance up to 2-3 years ago. €65 million euro is arrears remains.”

Clare Daly TD (Socialist Party/United Left Alliance Dublin North) said:

“We also condemn the disgraceful and chaotic handing over of Dublin City Councils waste collection to Greyhound. The €100 charge to be paid within 30 days is contrary to the polluter pays principle.

“Dublin City Council households will also be receiving an average bill of €70 to €80 for the last quarter of 2011 in the next 10 days, if not paid households waste will not be collected.

“There needs now to be strict regulation to ensure that private companies conform to the highest of standards, both in the collection of waste and in the conditions and pay of their workers and there needs to be legislation introduced to put in place a bond to secure a waste service for households who pay in advance for collection, in case of private companies going into liquidation.

“However even if this was achieved we still hold to the view that this service should be run publicly.”

Economy, Environment

Responding to the admission by Minister Hogan that domestic water meter installation would proceed albeit wouldn’t be completed by 2014 Socialist Party/ULA Environment spokesperson Clare Daly TD said:

“The Oireachtas Environment committee heard comprehensive arguments as to why water metering will contribute very little to water conservation compared to other necessary measures such as fixing leaks in the mains.

“Figures are also available and were presented to the committee demonstrating that average domestic water consumption in Ireland does not differ from Britain where meters have been installed for some years as part of the privatisation process began under Thatcher.

“It is clear therefore that the real agenda behind domestic metering, despite Minister Hogan’s denial is one of turning water into a commodity that ultimately, as is the case in England and Wales make obscene profits.

“That the government is willing to front hundreds of millions of euro on to private manufacturers of meters and private contractors and then load that cost onto householders is an abuse plain and simple.

“Opposition to the metering process will be a key aspect of the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes.”


Single state banking system allied to other radical job creation policies the only way to prevent jobs massacre in the financial sector

A fighting lead from the IBOA is an absolute must – no job losses should be accepted – a fundamental challenge to the logic of mass redundancies in the financial sector is needed

Responding to the announcement of massive job cuts in Ulster Bank today Clare Daly TD said:

“The speculation that the corporate division of the bank is where the axe will fall heaviest is yet more proof that the austerity policies combined with the inability of small businesses to access credit are destroying jobs.

“I support the demand of the IBOA that the companies books be opened so that the workers side can scrutinise the claims of the company. No job losses or attacks on conditions should be conceded by the IBOA leadership. A fighting response is what is needed.

“Ordinary bank workers in Ulster Bank, like workers in Aviva and other financial and insurance institutions are innocent victims of the crisis for which their bosses, governments past and present and speculators are responsible.

“It is clear that a privately owned financial institutions and the essentially privately run in the case of the bailed out banks are not fit for purpose when it comes to providing credit for small businesses and protecting jobs.

“The Socialist Party calls for the real nationalisation of the financial sector and the creation of a single state bank whose purpose is the safeguard deposits and provide credit to productive enterprises. Such a bank should be shorn of any speculator debt and be run democratically under workers control and management.

“Such a policy only makes sense if all the other austerity measures are ended and a programme of emergency public works funded through a wealth and assets tax puts thousands back to work and rebuilds economic life.

“Anything short of these policies means an ongoing acceptance of the jobs massacre. The time has come for the trade union movement to challenge the logic of mass redundancies in the financial and other sectors and back a radical alternative to protect and create jobs.”

Worker's Rights

Socialist Party TD Clare Daly calls for support for La Senza workers in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre
Responding to the occupation by workers of the La Senza lingerie outlet in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre following the sudden announcement of the firm’s closure of all its Irish operations Socialist Party / United Left Alliance TD Clare Daly said:

Like Vita Cortex and Lagan Brick and countless previous examples since the crisis began here we have another situation where workers are treated with utter contempt.

With no arrangements for redundancy and no opportunity for the workers to be involved at looking at options to save their jobs the occupation of the shops in Liffey Valley is 100% justified. Workers from the closed outlets in Grafton Street and Dundrum have joined their colleagues in Liffey Valley.

These workers deserve the active support of their community and workers everywhere. Ways of forging links with workers in the closed chains in the North and Britain should be found so that maximum organised pressure can be put on the company.

The determined stand taken by these workers demonstrates that the ground for a massive unionisation drive in the retail sector is very fertile. Our trade union movement must be equal to the task.

“It is also becoming increasingly obvious to workers that militant tactics are required to protect their rights. The principles of the global occupation movement have found there way into the popular consciousness of workers in Ireland which is something the Socialist Party welcomes