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Priory Hell


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Priory Hell was displayed on many posters on Saturday’s demonstration by the families and supporters of the Priory Hall residents, who were forced to evacuate their homes one year ago this week.  It was generally accepted by those in attendance that failure of Government and Council has played a huge role in the plight of the Priory Hall evacuees.

Demonstration at Priory Hall October 2012

Speaking to the crowd at Saturday’s protest, outside the railings of their former homes, Graham Usher, of the campaign group, described how the system had failed them.  For the last twelve months, 256 residents have been in limbo with regard to the homes they purchased from developer Tom McFeely.  Usher was eager to stress that it was too simplistic to merely point the finger at McFeely, who walked away scot free from this debacle.  The government, banks, and city council have all been complicit in the speculation that drove the housing boom.   
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St. Michael’s House Facing crisis due to on-going Budget Cutbacks.

Funding for St. Michael’s House has been cut back by €11.2 million since 2008, the organisation now facing into a fifth year of cuts, is deeply concerned about its ability to maintain its services.

Patricia Doherty, the Chief Executive of the North East region, stated that the group were calling in families from all over the country to discuss the implications of further cuts in December’s budget. Over 150 worried parents attended a meeting in Ballymun this week to be told how further cutbacks may impact on their families. Many angry parents were preparing to launch a pre-budget campaign to defend the services at St. Michael’s House.
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At questions in the Dáil yesterday, health minister James Reilly gave no clear reason why sites in his constituency had been given priority for the development of primary care centers, over and above other locations that were previously higher on the list. He said that the HSE made the decision, not he. And the full Cabinet approved it – including the Labour ministers. But Reilly is the Minister who decides on these matters. Roisin Shortall’s resignation shows who is in charge.
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