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Save Ireland’s Forests protest at Leinster House on Wednesday 27th February 5pm – sign the petition

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Over 4,000 nurses and other health workers, ambulance and fire crews, Gardai and other public sector workers who work 24/7 held a fantastic and militant rally in Tallaght this week. They are in my opinion absolutely right in saying they can’t, and won’t take any further cuts in pay.
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Children and Youth Affairs, National

By Jacob Richards

United Left Alliance TDs Clare Daly and Joan Collins are calling on the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald to bring forth robust legislation to provide for adoption information and tracing as quickly as possible. A bill was originally envisaged by Minister Fitzgerald to come before the Dáil by the end of 2012.
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Meat & Potatoes


Agriculture/Animal Welfare

Agflation is not just a 2012 problem.

On foot of a question by Dublin North TD Clare Daly about food price and agricultural inflation late last year, the minister for Agriculture & Food Simon Coveney answered:

High world prices for key food commodities affect Irish farmers, whose incomes will decline by over 20% in 2012. However, the sector remains healthy despite the temporary setbacks this year and is well placed to bounce back in 2013.

On Friday the CSO reported that Potatoes went up in price in 2012 by 30.5%. The potato in a staple food in Ireland, and a 30.5% rise in cost is far beyond normal inflation levels. So if potatoes are > 30% more expensive and farmers and growers are down 20% in income, it is time the government stepped in and stabilised food inflation, which is a double hit on the family budget on top of this governments failed economic policy of austerity.
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