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Communications Energy and Natural Resources

The TV licence fee funds public service broadcasts and insures that private media moguls do not get to own all the viewpoints in broadcast media.

What we must avoid is allowing a home broadcasting tax become a tax that is not linked to usage or ownership, if let, this TV tax will become a tax on people for merely existing.

Supporting public service broadcasting is part of protecting media diversity. As the Minister for Communications deliberates on changing from TV licence fee to home broadcasting tax, here are some pointers to be mindful of.

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Economy, Worker's Rights

ULA TDs invited a delegation of IBRC workers, along with their union Rep Gareth Murphy from the Irish Bank Official Association, to Leinster House last week.  The group gave a succinct and earnest presentation to members of the Oireachtas about how liquidation of the bank will effect their entitlements.

These bank workers told their personal stories of hearing of their fate via the media on the night of Feb 7th.  These ordinary people with families and homes and debts to pay became collateral damage when the bank was liquidated overnight.  Their employment contracts were terminated with immediate effect and previous commitments with regard to their redundancy terms were slashed. The temporary contracts they were given are just that temporary and time is running out.
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Worker's Rights

Time the HSE were introduced to the LRC: their intransigence & abuse of industrial relations machinery is shocking.

February 28th, 2013 – TEEU refers dispute at St James’s Hospital to Labour Court as management threatens to dismiss all electricians.
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Housing inspectors conducting a sweep of flats in Dublin have found the vast majority of flats to be in breach of regulations, according to news reports yesterday.  Inspectors visited 589 flats on the North Circular Road and issued warning notices to 483 of them.

This represents 82% of the buildings inspected.  Obviously this is a small sample but it is indicative of the decreasing standards of living that people are expected to endure in this country.
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