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International, Women's Rights

The unveiling of a plaque to the Irish Women Workers Union in Liberty Hall today will mark the historic importance of women in the Irish Labour movement.

On launching the first and most durable women’s trade union in the country, Delia Larkin was critical of the poor pay and conditions women had to endure, insisting they were ‘weary of being white slaves who pass their lives away toiling to fill the pockets of unscrupulous employers’.

There was a wave of strikes in Ireland north and south in the run up to the foundation of the union and many of them involved large numbers of women workers. Mary Galway, Secretary of the Textiles Operatives Society in Belfast played a leading role in mobilising women workers in Belfast and in 1911 lead a very significant strike of over 3,000 mill workers in the city.
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Children and Youth Affairs

Submission by
Clare Daly TD
The Joint Committee on Transport and Communications in relation to the abuse of social media and cyber-bullying

Main Points

1. implementation of a national education programme dealing with online etiquette

2. protect children through educating the correct use of internet technologies

3. bring industry in from the cold and task them with being part of educational change

4. curtailing the use of the internet simply won’t work

5. traditional media have a role and responsibility in their reporting

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Communications Energy and Natural Resources

The TV licence fee funds public service broadcasts and insures that private media moguls do not get to own all the viewpoints in broadcast media.

What we must avoid is allowing a home broadcasting tax become a tax that is not linked to usage or ownership, if let, this TV tax will become a tax on people for merely existing.

Supporting public service broadcasting is part of protecting media diversity. As the Minister for Communications deliberates on changing from TV licence fee to home broadcasting tax, here are some pointers to be mindful of.

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Economy, Worker's Rights

ULA TDs invited a delegation of IBRC workers, along with their union Rep Gareth Murphy from the Irish Bank Official Association, to Leinster House last week.  The group gave a succinct and earnest presentation to members of the Oireachtas about how liquidation of the bank will effect their entitlements.

These bank workers told their personal stories of hearing of their fate via the media on the night of Feb 7th.  These ordinary people with families and homes and debts to pay became collateral damage when the bank was liquidated overnight.  Their employment contracts were terminated with immediate effect and previous commitments with regard to their redundancy terms were slashed. The temporary contracts they were given are just that temporary and time is running out.
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