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Clare asked the Táiniste Eamon Gilmore if he had confidence in the Minister for Justice and the Garda commissioner in light of the publication of the report into Garda fixing of penalty points notices.

Justice, Transport Tourism and Sport

Last night Clare Daly T.D highlighted issues surrounding the credibility of the report into allegations of malpractice relating to penalty point terminations.  This was in stark contrast to Minister for Justice Alan Shatter’s view that the report would ensure “the maximum transparency possible” regarding “any investigation into allegations made”.
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Action on X


Women's Rights

Choice of speakers at Oireachtas Hearings on abortion is biased towards restrictive legislation.

Buttimer must change balance of speakers.


Commenting on the speakers chosen to address the Oireachtas Hearings on the forthcoming abortion legislation, Brendan Young said:

The choice of speakers to the Oireachtas Hearings on the forthcoming abortion legislation is heavily biased. Amongst the medical and legal speakers, there are ten who are either anti-abortion advocates or who question the appropriateness of legislating for the X Case. By contrast there are only five who support non-restrictive legislation for the X Case or are pro-choice.
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Economy, Protests

Today protesters gathered outside the Shelbourne hotel to voice their opposition against a

Protesters outside allsops auction

property auction organised by auctioneers Allsop. Protesters from both Anti-Eviction Ireland and the Ant-Eviction Task-force allege that many of the properties listed for auction are a result of illegal repossessions.

One of the protesters, Donal, said that the groups had come together against what they see as the immoral “repossession of houses” and “families, husbands, wives and children being evicted onto the street while bondholders were still being paid billions”. He also said that they had hoped hotels would become aware of the issue and not facilitate such auctions.
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