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International, Worker's Rights

by Jamison Maeda

Walmart, the world’s third highest revenue grossing corporation, is well known for both its low prices and Dickens-Era low wages. Though Walmart earns over $15 billion USD per year in pure profit, 80% of its workforce relies on food stamps and other social welfare programs. In many US states, Walmart employees are the top recipients of government funded medical care. It is estimated that the employees of just one Walmart Super Store could be consuming over $900,000 USD in government aid per year.
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Defence, Foreign Affairs

As part of their ongoing response to the continuing use of Shannon Airport by the US military, Shannonwatch are holding a vigil outside the airport from 2pm to 3pm on Sunday June 9th. The vigil will be attended by a number of TDs including independent Clare Daly, who will call for government action in line with their stated commitment to international law and Irish neutrality.

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Justice, Transport Tourism and Sport

Response to Assistant Commissioner’s Internal Review (“the Internal Review”) and Garda Professional Standards Unit report (“GPSU Report”) regarding the Penalty Points Controversy & Garda Malpractice

Mick Wallace TD, Luke Ming Flanagan TD, Clare Daly TD, Joan Collins TD
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Dáil Work, Leaders Questions, Worker's Rights

Clare raised questions with Eamonn Gilmore regarding the role of the Labour Party in forcing through financial emergency measures to force the hand of workers to accept the Haddington Road agreement. Clare asks: Are Labour now indistinguishable from Fine Gael?