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Clare raised issues with the Minister for Justice about transparency and accountability of the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.  Click on the link below to watch:




The Shell to Sea website currently features a very good press statement and you tube link  on the contributions of myself and Mick Wallace gave on the issue of the penalty points scandal.  It raises valid points about what needs to be done in terms of making the Gardai accountable. It gets to the heart of the issues that have been raised by Callinan’s brazen performance at the Public Accounts Committee this week.  See Links below:



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1614589_10201787846392824_2040178068_oMargaretta D’Arcy has spent one week in Limerick prison for refusing to sign a bond to quit her campaign against the use of Shannon Airport by the US military.  This is a scandalous hypocrisy by the Irish state which has taken no action regarding rendition flights and failed to update the UN Council against Torture with regard to an investigation into the use of our airports.  Margaretta has said that she will only sign a bond if the Irish Government takes steps to end the US military use of Shannon airport.
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Defence 11/12/2013

Asking Alan Shatter about army accommodation and other matters relating to the Amy base at the Curragh in Co. Kildare.


Justice 10/12/2013

Clare asked the Minister about public access to information with regard to unresolved cases.  Click on link to watch: