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Dáil Issues, Justice

Clare speaking on the second motion of no confidence in the minister for justice in under one year raises points about the amount of unresolved cases of injustice that remain un-addressed.  Click on the link below to watch her contribution to the debate:


Dáil Issues, Justice

More from the debate on the Minister for Justice and the Garda Penalty Points scandal:


Dáil Issues, Justice, National

Watch Clare’s contribution to the discussion on the ongoing controversy over Garda Síochána and the Minister for Jusitice:


Dáil Issues, Justice, National

By Jacob Richards

Undoubtedly today’s resignation of Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan is a welcome development in the ongoing saga that is Garda accountability, transparency and the force’s treatment of whistle-blowers. It is clear that the Commissioner’s position has been untenable for quite some time. His lack of tenability was only consolidated with remarks made to the PAC that the actions of whistle-blowers Maurice McCabe and John Wilson had been “disgusting”.
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