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Clare’s contribution to yesterday’s Statements on Mental Health.

Transcript below.

Deputy Clare Daly:     I thank the Deputies and the Acting Chairman. The number of people who want to speak and the fact we are debating who goes first are indicative of the seriousness with which the public and Deputies across the House take the issue. When the debate started, there was a big outcry on social media that we were not in the Chamber and were not interested in speaking but that reflects the lack of public knowledge about how this House works. It is normal for people not to be in the Chamber during part of a debate. It also showed that people wanted to engage with and to watch this Parliament for once because we were discussing an issue of critical importance.
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Dáil Issues, Health

Dáil Issues, Health

Coroners Bill 2015


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This week Clare introduced a private members bill to provide for automatic inquests in all cases of maternal deaths in our hospitals