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Details emerging that a young, suicidal woman of precarious immigration status, the victim of a traumatic rape was refused an abortion, and subsequently had the child delivered by Caesarian section, have again brought centre stage the urgent need to Repeal the 8th Amendment and implement measures to deal with abortion for women who are the victims of rape & incest, cases of fatal foetal abnormalities and where a woman’s health is in danger, as strongly recommended recently by the UNHRC.
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Care not Custody


Dáil Debates, Health, Prisoners

Clare speaking on a motion on mental health, emphasized the fact that many current prisoners  in Irish jails are dealing with mental health problems and custodial sentences exacerbate their difficulties rather than deal with the underlying problems.  Click on the link below to listen:


Health Questions


Dáil Issues, Health

To ask the Minister for Health further to Parliamentary Question No. 693 of 25 February 2014, with regard to the refusal to cover Fampridine tablets under the reimbursement scheme, if he will revisit the decision in view of the serious benefit it was providing for MS sufferers and the fact that to get the drug is now costing them almost €400 per month.

 Clare Daly T.D.
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Dáil Issues, Health

Clare speaking on this health bill criticises the governments proposition to implement free health care for under sixes at the expense of many on discretionary medical cards. This scheme is being forced through without adequate consultation with the medical profession. Click on the link below to watch: