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Government fails to deliver justice for women butchered in their youth with Symphysiotomy Payment Scheme that is not even human rights compliant…dismisses their narrative as “unfortunate experience” for a lifetime of pain and suffering…an absolute scandal, this scheme must be stopped now…
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Clare steps up pressure on Minister to take action on maternal deaths & the lack of focus on independent midwives as important players in transforming our maternity services. Not much of a response from the Minister…

To ask the Minister for Health if he or his Department have had discussions or correspondence with the Minister for Justice, in view of the eight maternal deaths by medical misadventure since 2007 regarding developing a system whereby automatic inquests would take place in cases of maternal deaths.
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“Not having a position is effectively opposing change” say campaigners.

TFMR Ireland Press release, 04 July 2015

TFMR Ireland today (Tuesday 09th June 2015) call upon all groups and political parties interested in either repealing or retaining the 8th amendment to the Constitution to engage in honest and open debate about Fatal Foetal Abnormalities, and the impact that these conditions and the lack of a full range of medical options have on mothers and fathers.

“We fully understand that some parents when given the news that their much wanted baby will not be capable of surviving outside the womb will choose to continue with their pregnancy, and as parents who have been in this position we fully respect that choice and we fully sympathise with these families and their losses” says Gerry Edwards, a spokesperson for TFMR Ireland.
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