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Demands Tanaiste expel Israeli ambassador if attack continues

The ULA calls for the immediate cessation of Israeli military aggression against the people and the elected government of Gaza. We call for the immediate opening of the borders of Gaza to allow the unhindered entry of international observers, humanitarian aid and construction materials. We call for the immediate cessation of the supply of military materials to the state of Israel.The present conflict in Gaza is just the latest outrageous Israeli attack on a civilian population. These attacks have their roots in decades of forced displacement of Palestinians from their lands by the Israeli state, most recently in the continued expansion of illegal Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the Occupied Territories. The current Israeli attack is also in part due to the refusal of Israeli governments to recognise and negotiate with the elected government in Gaza, led by Hamas.

We call on the Tánaiste and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eamon Gilmore, to call in the Israeli Ambassador and convey the clear message that if the demand for immediate cessation of military aggression is not met, the Ambassador will be asked to leave Ireland.

We call on the Irish government to immediately propose the suspension of the Euro-Med Agreement with Israel in view of the flagrant Israeli breaches of Article II, which makes the Agreement conditional upon “respect for human rights”. Ireland will be part of the United Nations Human Rights Council from January 2013; and at the same time take up the presidency of the Nobel Peace-Prize winning EU. To allow continued Israeli abuses of human rights in Gaza and the Occupied Territories while holding these positions would be deeply cynical and hypocritical.

There can be no peace in Palestine in the context of the continued oppression of the Palestinian people. We call for the immediate end to building of Israeli settlements; for existing illegal settlements in East Jerusalem and the Occupied Territories to be dismantled; and for displaced Palestinians to be given back their lands. We also call for meaningful negotiations, with ALL parties and without preconditions, on the future of Palestine.

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Like my colleague, I am speaking as an internationalist in support of the ULA positive addendum to the Technical Group’s motion. The idea that one cannot be pro-Europe if one is against the European Union is nonsense. The current position makes it clear to people everywhere that there is dictatorship by the markets is not an exaggerated claim by left wingers in respect of a global capitalist plot, rather it is the reality in Europe which has been laid bare before the eyes of ordinary Europeans everywhere. What is under way is a monumental assault on democratic rights by European bondholders, bankers and speculators, facilitated by the leadership of the European Union.

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9 November 2011
Eamon Gilmore TD
Minister for Foreign Affairs

Re: Continuing Detention of Irish Nationals in Israel

Dear Minister,

We are writing to you to express our outrage at the continuing detention of 14 Irish citizens in Givon prison. The 14 crew of the MV Saorise alongside the crew of the Canadian vessel Tahrir where kidnapped by the Israeli navy in international waters and have face ludicrous charges of illegally entering Israel.

If any other country acted in this fashion against Irish citizens the pressure on you to condemn outright such an action would be considerable. However different standards seem to apply to Israel in the world of international diplomacy. Frankly the response of the government has been disgracefully lacking and you personally must take a large share of the responsibility.

Even at this advanced stage we demand that you and press for the immediate release of all those who were kidnapped, condemn the actions of the Israeli state and expel the ambassador for this outrage

Yours sincerely,
Seamus Healy TD
Joe Higgins TD
Clare Daly TD
Richard Boyd Barrett TD
Joan Collins TD

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Socialist Party/United Left Alliance TDs call on Táiniste to demand no harm be done to activists on the MV Saoirse and Tahrir ships


Urge people to join protest at Spire O’Connell Street today at 6pm


Socialist Party/United Left Alliance TDs Clare Daly and Joe Higgins call on the Táiniste Eamon Gilmore to demand from the Israeli authorities that no harm come to the activists on the Freedom Flotilla, including the MV Saoirse among whose participants in Socialist Party MEP for Dublin Paul Murphy.


“As of 7:40am this morning the MV Saoirse was 82 nautical miles from Gaza and if left unimpeded would arrive at its destination at around 3pm our time. If unimpeded the MV Saoirse will not enter Israeli waters.


“However since yesterday the MV Saoirse has been tracked by two IDF warships and a spotter plane. We are anticipating that the MV Saoirse will be boarded, taken over and forced to dock in an Israeli port, an effective kidnap.


“We call on the Táiniste to demand of the Israeli authorities that the MV Saoirse be allowed to complete its humanitarian mission and that no harm be done to its crew and the crew of the Canadian vessel the Tahrir.


“We encourage people at home to come to the Spire in O’Connell Street today in a solidarity protest with the people of Gaza and the crew of the MV Saoirse and Tahrir.”