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Below is a photo of three warplanes at Shannon on the 2nd of October as a reminder that next weekend there will be a demonstration at Shannon against this abuse of Irish neutrality, and against the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people as a result of US led wars and mayhem in the Middle East.

The main demonstration is a 2 PM on Sunday 12 Oct , if there is enough interest there will be 24 hour peace camp from 2pm Saturday 11 Oct to 2pm Sun 12 Oct.

Please contact Shannon Watch at 085-8519623 if you intend to attend the 24 hour peace camp.

Reminder 2Oct14 three US Hercules C130 warplanes at Shannon

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Last month American whistle-blower Edward Snowden was granted another 3 years extension to his stay in Russia, much to the frustration of the U.S. government. But it appears Mr. Snowden may in fact have a few options to choose from.
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The following is a letter from Ibrahim Halawa an Irish citizen arrested with his sisters in Egypt last year. Ibrahim has spent a year in jail, the charges against him are unclear. He is one of over 400 prisoners involved in one of Egypt’s ‘mass trials’.
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The Communist Party of Ireland and others strongly condemn the imprisonment this week of Niall Farrell to serve a two-week sentence in Limerick prison for a peaceful protest against the continued use of Shannon Airport by the US war machine.
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