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Shannonwatch, 11 Dec 2014:

Shannonwatch are appalled at the shocking revelations about CIA torture of detainees in the US Senate intelligence committee report released on Tuesday Dec 9th. Details of the methods used, the extent of the torture and the scale of lies and deceit from a government agency are even worse than was already known. Ireland’s complicity has already been documented by other reports, but given this new information it is now well past time for a full investigation of the role played by Shannon in the brutal and illegal interrogation undertaken by the CIA.
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To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade his views on the UN Security Council’s proposal to introduce legislation restricting the travel of foreign terrorist fighters; and if this is a blatant breach of our neutrality.
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Below is a photo of three warplanes at Shannon on the 2nd of October as a reminder that next weekend there will be a demonstration at Shannon against this abuse of Irish neutrality, and against the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people as a result of US led wars and mayhem in the Middle East.

The main demonstration is a 2 PM on Sunday 12 Oct , if there is enough interest there will be 24 hour peace camp from 2pm Saturday 11 Oct to 2pm Sun 12 Oct.

Please contact Shannon Watch at 085-8519623 if you intend to attend the 24 hour peace camp.

Reminder 2Oct14 three US Hercules C130 warplanes at Shannon

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Last month American whistle-blower Edward Snowden was granted another 3 years extension to his stay in Russia, much to the frustration of the U.S. government. But it appears Mr. Snowden may in fact have a few options to choose from.
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