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Clare questioned the Minister for Foreign Affairs about the role of the Irish State in providing support to the family of an Irish man on trial is Scotland and  his views regarding the conditions in Maghaberry Prison.

To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade if he has been briefed on a case (details supplied), and the trial currently underway in Glasgow in Scotland; and whether Consular assistance has been offered to the family; and if he will make a statement on the matter.
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While members of Shannon Watch were gathered for their monthly vigil yesterday, an Air National Guard, Alabama, KC 135 air refuelling tanker aircraft number 80106, was on the runway at Shannon airport.



Air National Guard, Alabama, KC 135 air refuelling tanker, at Shannon Airport June 14 2015

Air National Guard, Alabama, KC 135 at Shannon Airport 

Shannon Watch Monthly Vigil June 2015

Shannon Watch Monthly Vigil June 2015

Armenian Genocide


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This is a very relevant and important piece by Ed Horgan, Shannon Watch activist and a member of Veterans for Peace, who was arrested last Saturday attempting to inspect a US Hercules C130 aircraft as he was about to board a flight to Britain.

Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?” Adolf Hitler 1939
Certainly the Irish Government dares not speak of the annihilation and genocide of the Armenians.

Today I attended the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide at Tanner Parish Church in Dundrum Dublin. An Taoiseach Enda Kenny was invited to attend, but not only declined, but also declined to send any Irish Government representative. There were no Ministers, TDs or even Senators available to represent the Irish Government. Yet, as we all know, Government ministers and TDs spend far too much time attending funerals of their constituents all over the country.
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Shannonwatch are appalled at yesterday’s decision by the court in Ennis to convict TDs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly for their attempts to search a US military plane at Shannon.  The two TDs were given maximum €1000 fines, despite the overwhelming evidence to support their case that they had no alternative but to do what they did.

US Air National Guard no. 6438 being refuelled at Shannon Airport

US Air National Guard no. 6438 being refueled at Shannon Airport yesterday.

Speaking on the judgement Clare Daly said “The court accepted without qualification the knowledge and expertise of the witnesses who outlined serious breaches of neutrality and other laws at Shannon.”

And let’s remember the details of this evidence as presented to the court. There was evidence of guns on military planes, of soldiers going to war through a country that claims to be neutral, of CIA rendition planes, and of ongoing refusals to inspect these planes. The judge accepted that the TDs were obstructed, side tracked and ignored in their efforts to discover the truth about Shannon. Yet in the sentencing he took an extremely narrow view of the law. He effectively admitted that his hands were tied, and he refused to deal with all the evidence presented to him.
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