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Ban Bee Pesticide



Corporate lobbying to prevent a ban on Bee pesticides is intensifying. This issue is a concern to us all. I will be pushing Minister Coveney on this critical issue when the Dail reconvenes.

via corporateeurope.org

Biotech and pesticides giants Syngenta and Bayer are waging an all-out lobbying war against an upcoming vote on a limited ban on three of their pesticides1. The European Commission (EC) proposed this ban following very critical conclusions by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) based on new scientific evidence. Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) had access to private letters and emails sent by these two companies and allied lobby groups to the EC as well as EFSA, which displayed their strong-arm tactics to
try to avoid the ban.


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A European Citizen’s Initiative has raised over one million signatures petitioning the EU to make commitments in the area of access to water and sanitation. The petition also calls on the EU to protect water services across Europe from ‘internal market rules’ and privatisation. Essentially the campaign seeks to keep water services in the public’s hands.
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Housing inspectors conducting a sweep of flats in Dublin have found the vast majority of flats to be in breach of regulations, according to news reports yesterday.  Inspectors visited 589 flats on the North Circular Road and issued warning notices to 483 of them.

This represents 82% of the buildings inspected.  Obviously this is a small sample but it is indicative of the decreasing standards of living that people are expected to endure in this country.
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