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Clare asked the Minister for Local Government about the ability of Local Authorities to enforce Fire Safety Regulations under the Building Control Acts.  Click on the link below to watch:


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By Jacob Richards

Today marks the first steps towards water charges in Ireland with installation of water meters beginning across the country. As things stand water meters are expected to be in place across the country in time for the introduction of water charges in 2015.  The sight of water meters being installed will no doubt provoke uncertainty for many people and families across the country. This uncertainty will rest on the notion that once introduced there is no telling how high water charges may reach, further squeezing those already stretched to the limit by crippling property taxes and other levies. Yet if any positive can be taken right now it is that there is still time to act out against the introduction of water charges.
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by Jacob Richards

Many of us will have noticed the ever-increasing use of the term “fracking” that is coming up for debate in various media locally and nationally. It seems that “fracking” is now a hot topic that inspires controversy wherever it is said. “Fracking” in very simple terms is a process whereby highly pressurised fluid often containing hundreds of chemicals, is pumped until it bores into the layers of rock thousands of feet under the earth’s surface. By doing this the rock becomes fractured releasing pockets of gas which are then pumped back to the surface to be used as a means of fuel. The process has taken off particularly in the United States over the last ten years. This sounds well and good but in reality the process has caused great damage to local environments and also posed health risks to local communities.
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Local activist from Lusk Waste Watchers

Fingal County Council’s plan to develop a monster sewage plant in North County Dublin was met with fierce resistance right across North Country Dublin over the last few years.  Yesterday’s decision to locate the plant at Clonshaugh north of Coolock will be welcomed by communities of Lusk where the plant was originally to be located.  However the new location will prove just as problematic.

The objections from the 10,000 signatories who signed a petition against the monster plant are still relevant.  The communities were concerned with the massive disruption it would have caused to the villages in the north county as well as the environmental and health consequences of having waste from seven counties dumped on their doorstep.  This will still be the case for the residents of Clonshaugh where over 2,500 family homes are located.
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