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Pyrite Exemptions


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Clare speaking on her amendment to the Finance Bill to allow for proper system of exemptions from the Local Property Tax for those homes affected by pyrite.  Click on the link below to watch this discussion:


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Clare Speaking on yesterday’s debate on Irish Water, click on the link below:



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To ask the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government his view on proposals to amend the Climate Bill.   – Clare Daly. 
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Billions of Plastic Bottles end up in the Worlds Oceans

Billions of Plastic Bottles end up in the Worlds Oceans

by Jamison Maeda  In our present era of natural disasters, disease, war, and poverty, it’s difficult to imagine that humanity’s biggest threat is actually the bottled water industry. This sounds like hyperbole or sensationalist fear mongering. How could bottled water be as serious a threat as war or disease? To answer that question you have to understand where bottled water comes from.
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